King Sized Lessons

The ancient kings of the Old Testament can each teach us meaningful lessons and Biblical truths on topics like wisdom, faithfulness, repentance, and worship. Join us as we explore the life of one of these kings in our series King Sized Lessons.

12 Part Series

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Part 1: Insecurities Ruin Destinies

A study of the deep-seated insecurities that plagued King Saul, a man chosen by God to lead His people and how through his insecurities, we uncover timeless truths about the human condition for validation and significance, and why we need to find confidence in Christ alone.

Part 2: Have A Heart

Will you go against the grain of culture and step into what God has for you?

Part 3: Wisdom is the Way

In a world overflowing with information yet often starved of true wisdom, we find ourselves in dire need of guidance that cuts through the noise of confusion. Today's message focuses in on the importance of wisdom in our lives and takes a profound look at how King Solomon, one of the wisest figures in the Bible, sought and received wisdom from the Lord and how we can apply that same wisdom to our lives.

Part 4: Trust in the Lord

Our King Sized lesson today comes from “Hezekiah.” His name means to “become strong" or "trust in the Lord.” Hezekiah was a man who overcame his fears and learned to “jump” to the arms of the Lord. In today's message, let's learn to do the same!

Part 5: Beware of Division

Division has been a tool of the enemy since the early days of the church, seeking to weaken our collective witness and disrupt the work of God's Kingdom. Join us as we explore biblical insights from Rehoboam and Jeroboam on why we must guard ourselves against any form of division and embrace unity.

Part 6: The Perils of Pride

In this sermon titled "Perils of Pride," we explore the spiritual and practical dangers of pride and how it can destroy our lives and ultimately prevent us from hearing from God… we’ll also discover how to embrace humility and develop a heart aligned with God's will and discuss practical steps to overcome prideful tendencies.

Part 7: Strategies for Battle

In this powerful sermon, "Strategies for Battle," Pastor Wayne Brown dives deep into the reality of spiritual warfare and equips us with biblical strategies to stand firm against the forces of darkness.

Part 8: Profile of A Weak King

In this sermon, we will study "King Ahab." He was a weak king and it made him a wicked king. We also have weaknesses but if we allow the Holy Spirit to take over our lives, we can be made strong, completely "re-made" by the power of God to conquer any battle thrown our way!

Part 9: Successfully Breaking Free

This week we will take a look at King Josiah, who's father and grandfather did evil by erecting idol altars and worshipping Baal. But Josiah broke free from the paths of previous generations, and managed to turn himself and the entire nation around to the glory of God. Join us as we explore King Josiah's story and how it's the perfect manual to break free from the past.

Part 10: Zeal - The X-Factor

What does it mean to have ZEAL and why is it important in helping us move on from our past? Find out in this last installment of "King Sized Lessons"!

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