As we await His return, Christ’s arrival brought a message of hope, peace, joy, and love to the world. Remain expectant in our faith, even when we find ourselves in a season of waiting.

4 Part Series

All the files in the included packages below have been stripped of dates and church branding. Feel free to adjust, change, or tweak as needed. Include your own church logo or swap out the photos.

Full package also available on Dropbox.

Assets & Files

Part 1: Living in the Tension

Regardless of circumstances, we’re assured of a hope that lasts for all eternity. Choose to live with an excitement for what’s to come.

Part 2: The Person of Peace

Christ’s entry into the world made a pathway for peace with one another, the world around us, and with our Heavenly Father.

Part 3: A Life of Joy

There’s reason to celebrate because joy arrived when Jesus was born. Live in the victory we have in Christ.

Part 4: The Asa Challenge

Let‘s start the year strong by focusing and preparing ourselves for all that God would do through our steadfast commitment to Him.

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