Come Holy Spirit

Advocate. Helper. Friend. Whatever the title, the Holy Spirit is our source for every component of life.

5 Part Series

All the files in the included packages below have been stripped of dates and church branding. Feel free to adjust, change, or tweak as needed. Include your own church logo or swap out the photos.

Full package also available on Dropbox.

Assets & Files

Part 1: The Spirit Led Life

Surrendering the direction of our lives lets Him fulfill the purpose of our existence.

Part 2: The Spirit Filled Life

Choose to be a vessel for God and ask His spirit to overflow in your life.

Part 3: I've Got the Power

We all need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives to see miracles, overcome life‘s struggles and walk in courage.

Part 4: Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit

Recognizing how He speaks into our lives will allow us to see the opportunities that He intends to use us for every day.

Part 5: Power of Pentecost

More than a historical event, the power and presence of what believers experienced at Pentecost is accessible today to anyone seeking God's Spirit to move in their lives.

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