Family Makeover

Like all relationships, being part of a family requires work. In this series, learn what it takes to improve relationships with our children, parents, siblings, and spouse. Wherever you're at in life, there's always room to improve.

4 Part Series

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Assets & Files

Part 1: Blame Game

Blame looks backward, contribution looks forward.

Part 2: You Got The Right One Baby

Part 2 of the Family Makeover series is for the singles! Pastor Jonathan unpacks 4 important elements that will help you find the right one.

Part 3: Parenting like the Patriarchs

Next to your spouse, the greatest gift God can give you is your kids. In part 3 of the Family Makeover series, thereā€˜s three important lessons on parenting for legacy.

Part 4: Staying in Love for Life

Special guest speaker, Pastor Joakim Lundqvist, gives some wise advice on keeping love alive

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