Up, In & Out

Our life in Christ keeps our focus on God as we know Him more intimately, build unity with other believers, and share Jesus with the world around us.

3 Part Series

All the files in the included packages below have been stripped of dates and church branding. Feel free to adjust, change, or tweak as needed. Include your own church logo or swap out the photos.

Full package also available on Dropbox.

Assets & Files

Part 1: My Upward Calling

God calls each of us to know Him more intimately as we set our sights upon living out our eternal purpose.

Part 2: Leaning IN to God‘s Family

Christ desires that as we follow Him, we experience unity with the family of believers around us.

Part 3: Take OUT Gospel

When we receive the message of Jesus, we are called to take it with us everywhere we go. How are you carrying Christ into the world around you?

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