Biblical Counseling Sessions

2 Peter 1:3 tells us that by His divine power, God has given us all that we need to live a godly life as we grow in our relationship with Jesus. The truths found in scripture will help believers overcome as they learn to follow the example of Christ. We believe that this content gleaned from the Biblical Counseling Foundation and learned through years of pastoral counseling will be a helpful tool as you help believers “grow through” the trials they encounter.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Biblical Truth

The truths found in scripture are not subject to the emotions and feelings of man but are the standard to which believers measure their lives. In this video, we will establish the Bible as the basis of Spiritual truth. 

Part 3: God's Perspective

The hurts and wounds that believers face in life can distort the way that they view their problems. They need a fresh perspective. They need God's perspective, as revealed in scripture. 

Part 4: Hearing God

How do we know that we are hearing from God? This video gives a litmus test to evaluate if what we hear in our spirit is from the Lord or another source. 

Part 5: The Great Exchange

Believers are instructed to abandon the old nature that would corrupt their lives. In exchange, they are to put on the character of Christ.

Part 6: Biblical Hope

Believers can lean into the reality of eternal hope in Jesus. When Christ is invited into the situation, there is always hope.

Part 7: God's Word for Every Need

With over 7000 promises in scripture, there is always a promise or principle that believers can stand on in times of trial.

Part 8: Divine Confrontation

When believers open their hearts to receive the instructions found in the scriptures, the areas of life that are out of order will be confronted with the narrow way. Now there is a choice, to be obedient or suppress the truth that would make them free. 

Part 9: Biblical Change

Once confronted with the truth of scripture, believers who desire to please God must determine that change needs to take place in our lives.

Part 10: You Are Empowered to Change

A great truth of scripture is that believers have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to make the changes that God directs in their life. 

Part 11: Biblical Practice

A desire to change is the start of freedom. For that change to take place in the life of a believer, there will need to be a plan.

Part 12: Victory Over Failure

An overview of some Biblical Counseling Foundation resources that aid as you counsel biblically.

Part 13: Pursuit

What you pursue first, organizes the rest of your life. As ministers we need to communicate to those we are working with that peace is not the absence of problems but the presence of someone. Christ Jesus.

Part 14: Outro

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